Performance-Based & Fire Safety Engineering Assessments

  • Performance-Based (PB) Designs
    • Architectural Designs
      • Inadequate Set-Back Distance to Adjacent Buildings or Other Property
      • Internally Discharging Staircase
      • Extended Travel Distance
      • Enlarged Compartment Sizes
      • Compartmentation by Heights
      • Mass Engineered Timber (MET)
    • Structural Systems
      • Reduction in Fire Ratings to Element of Structures
      • Removal of Fire Rating to Element of Structures
    • Mechanical or Natural Smoke Control Systems
      • Enlarged Area of Smoke Reservoirs
      • Enlarged Length of Smoke Reservoir
      • Car Parking Jet Fan Systems
      • Mode of Detection
      • Mode of Replacement Air Intake
      • Others


  • Fire Engineering Design Brief, FEDB
  • Fire Safety Engineering Report, FSER
  • Operations and Maintenance Manual, OMM
  • Fire Engineering Reference FER Drawings
  • Peer Reviewer Report, PRR
  • CFD and Evacuation Source Codes
  • Declaration Forms
  • Submission of Full Performance- Based Package to AHJ for Approval

Fire Engineering Assessments to Support Waivers

    • Inadequate Air-Well Dimensions
    • Inadequate Ventilation Provisions
    • Internal Discharging Staircases
    • Others as Allowed by AHJ


  • Fire Engineering Report (FER) to Support Waiver Application
  • Submission of FER to AHJ for Approval